I am Docta D, a DJ, Breaker, Popper, MC and A Funk Surgery Radio presenter playing FUNK, SOUL, HIP HOP, ELECTRO, R&B, NEO SOUL, SOULFUL HOUSE, JAZZ and anything that sounds good to play for you on the radio or at all events. An accomplished DJ and international dance coach. I’ve traveled and spread the word and music wherever I go and will continue to do so as long as I can hear the FUNK. 

Catch Docta D on UITA Radio every Friday at 1 p CST!

Docta D

Funk surgery DJ

DJ Docta D

Live from the UK every Friday at 1p CST!!!!

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DJ Donnie Dee Live and
The Funk Surgery

The popular UK DJ brings his original style and funky flavor to UITA Radio every Friday at 1p CST



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